Over the past decade, technology has played an increasingly important role in the planning and staging of both small and large scale, conferences and events. It has transformed how organisers, and speakers, engage with attendees, and helped to create completely fresh and unique experiences.

Pixsel partner with leading technology providers within the conference marketplace including Televic for moderated audio, translation & multimedia systems, Ross Video for AV production & Teradek for streaming & online presence.

By integrating social media platforms with event websites for example; this will deliver a strong online presence that helps to spread the word about an event. It can increase delegate attendance; build anticipation; and gives organisers the ability to document and share the event as it unfolds.

Apart from providing core event information, such as event navigation and presentation timings, innovative tools and dedicated apps are now widely used for a range of interactive functions including:
– Online event ticketing
– Remote registration
– Live polling
– Online surveys
– Suggestion boxes

Technology systems can record and project speaker presentations throughout a venue, and bring panel sessions to life. This allows audiences and participants to interact with content in ways that add real value to the topics and themes being examined.

While the importance of real, face-to-face connections should not be ignored, video conferencing and live streaming technology allows for virtual attendance from anywhere in the world. In this way, technology can extend the reach of conferences and events beyond their physical space, to engage and impact global audiences.

Pixsel services will help organisers to leverage the power of technology across all conference and event elements. Through our expert contribution, we help maximise the returns from your team’s dedication, and time and resource investment