Channel in a Box

Solution Overview

Playbox Neo Channel in a Box is a turnkey playout server solution for broadcasting a single TV channel and available in SD, HD and 4K. It integrates all the elements needed to keep a channel on-air by combining scheduling, ingest, playout, CG and interactive graphics within one box. The output can be SDI or IP streaming and suitable for applications including broadcast TV, internet TV, cable TV etc.

Channel in a Box – Basic Components

The major components of the Playbox Neo Channel in a Box offer media ingest with CaptureBox Neo, automation and playout with AirBox Neo, interactive CG and graphics with TitleBox Neo and scheduling with ListBox Neo. ListBox Neo creates schedules for AirBox Neo and rules can be created for TitleBox Neo to fully automate the CG and interactive graphics for a powerful automatic TV channel. TitleBox Neo interactive CG and Graphics can be internally keyed or optional external keying if you have a DSK

AirBox Neo 

  • Automated mixed playout of all supported compressions and containers in a single playlist
  • LTC Timecode input for playback triggering
  • On-air burned-in subtitling (optional)
  • GPI I/O interface
  • TitleBox Net Control
  • UDP H.264/MPEG2 Live Input Stream
  • Switcher & Matrix Switcher Control (Kramer, Leitch, Network Electronics, Pesa, Quartz, Grass Valley Concerto / Acapella)
  • DTMF & SCTE 104 Decoding for Commercial Insertion
  • Multi audio support with EBU R128/ITU.BS.1770 Loudness normalisation (optional)Dolby AC3 Decode/Encode support (optional)
  • MPO enables the running of two or more outputs so that broadcasters can easily provide parallel outputs in any combination needed to deliver the content.

CaptureBox Neo

  • High-quality capturing in a variety of compressions
  • Automated RS-422 or VTR control with batch capturing lists
  • Scheduled capturing of satellite feeds with automated channel switching
  • File splitting based on duration VU/peak audio meters are available for precise audio level fine-tuning.

TitleBox Neo

  • TitleBox Neo is an interactive graphics manager which creates, displays and controls fascinating multi-zone screens with rolls, crawls, animations, clocks, station logos and more. All running objects are mixed and blended to each other in real time, including animations. Each and every CG object can be edited while being transmitted on-air
  • All graphics are 24-bit true colour (16.7 million colours) with 8-bit Alpha channel (256 transparency levels). These colours can be applied to font face, border, shadow and text background. Field-based sub-pixel rendering ensures smooth animation and rolling text at any speed.
  • Multiple graphics objects can be programmed to run simultaneously or sequentially on a single or multiple layers with just a few mouse clicks.
    Dynamic text data coming from text, rich text, CSV text, RSS feeds or ODBC-compliant databases can be linked to any text object and updated on-screen in real time.

ListBox Neo 

ListBox Neo is an offline programme schedule creation and play list editor, perfect for schedule creation and schedule editing with a clip trimmer for simple programme editing. ListBox Neo enables text searching, clips copying/pasting, schedule printing, etc. and is the main tool for the Program Editors’ to create and edit schedules many days, weeks or months in advance.

Hardware Configurations

Common Video I/O parameters:

  • Video In: Serial Digital SD/HD SDI
  • Video Out: Serial Digital SD/HD SDI; Analogue Component YUV, Composite;
  • Audio In: Embedded Audio
  • Audio Out: Embedded Audio, 2x Unbalanced AES/EBU; 2x Analogue XLR Stereo
  • Sync Input: Black burst in SD/Tri-Sync in HD

Channel in a Box SD
PlayBox SD AirBox with PRO and Streaming Options, PlayBox SD TitleBox , PlayBox SD CaptureBox, PlayBox ListBox.
*Video Storage 1TB Single HDD min 16 GB DDR 3 RAM

Channel in a Box HD
PlayBox HD AirBox with PRO Option, PlayBox HD TitleBox , PlayBox HD CaptureBox, PlayBox ListBox.
*Rack Mount Server with RAID5 3 TB Storage – 100h MPEG2 @ 60Mbit/s min 16 GB DDR 3 RAM

Channel in a Box Workflows